Lockey provides a wide assortment of replacement parts you'll need to maintain, repair, or upgrade your gate and door security system. Lockey Deadbolts are an adjustable deadbolt basket and narrow-stile deadbolts for doors and gates. Lockey accessories are available in a wide range of finishes and styles, making them a versatile option for your residential and commercial security needs.
  • Lockey Narrow Stile Deadbolt For Use With 2900 - 900-BOLT

    $31.50 each
  • Lockey Narrow Stile Gate Box (Compatible With M210DC and Drive-In-Deadbolt) Black - GBADDABOLT-B

    $51.92 Click for price
  • Lockey Narrow Stile Gate Box Kit - Includes GBADDABOLT Narrow Stile Gate Box, M210DC Series Lock, Drive-In-Deadbolt - GBADDABOLT-DC-KIT-B

    $262.88 Click for price

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