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We carry a wide variety of Lockey Mechanical and Electronic Door Locks, designed for standard door a gate locks, deadbolt locks, lever locks, mortise locks, surface mount locks, cabinet door locks, and much more. In addition to our locks, we also carry Gate Hardware product solutions that include Gate Stops, Gate Box Kits, Hydraulic Gate Closers, Panic Exit Hardware for Gates, and Pool Safety-Compliant Gate Hardware. Whether you are looking to update an existing door at home with a keypad-enabled entry point or upgrade an extensive series of hotel rooms to be fitted with RFID access, we carry a keyless lock for every application. Our lock and gate hardware selection will provide maximum security and convenience for various commercial and residential applications.

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Our incredible team of highly skilled professionals is passionate about our products and providing you with top-of-the-line resources and tools. Attentively serving our customers' needs for over thirty years, we offer below-market prices on high-quality Lockey Mechanical Locks, Electronic Locks, Gate Hardware, Panic Exit Equipment, OEM Replacement Parts and Accessories.

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