Lockey Steel Hydraulic Gate Closer for Gates 75-175 lbs. (Black) - TB400

The Lockey Hydraulic Gate Closer For Gates 75 - 175 lbs. is a hydraulic gate closer that gently pushes your vinyl, steel, wood, or chain link gate closed. It is designed to support your perimeter security with its adjustable hydraulic controlled closing speed and can be installed on the top, bottom, or middle and can be used with left or right-handed gates. This gate closer comes with the necessary mounting brackets and fitting bar and is a perfect option for hotel pool gates, parking lot access gates, beach access gates, office complex gates, resort gates, and barrier gates.
Part Number: TB400-LOCKEY
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Lockey Steel Hydraulic Gate Closer for Gates 75-175 lbs. (Black) - TB400

The Lockey Hydraulic Gate Closer For Gates 75 - 175 lbs. closes small and large gates from 75- 175 lbs. and up to 64" wide. It is compatible with vinyl, wood, steel, or chain link gates (with TB-LINX). The Hydraulic Gate Closer can be mounted on the right or left side and installed on the gate's top, bottom, or middle. This gate stop supports your perimeter security with its controlled closing speed and gently pushes your pedestrian gate closed. In order to maintain the gate's structural integrity and retain the product warranty, a gate stop must be installed to restrict the gate opening angle. With its sturdy steel composition, this Lockey Hydraulic Gate Closer will withstand regular use and inclement weather.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Closes Small and Large Gates From 75- 175 lbs.
  • Hydraulic Controlled Closing Speed
  • Installs on Top/Middle/Bottom
  • Works With Left and Right Hand Gates
  • Mounts On Opening Side of Gate
  • Pushes the Gate Closed
  • Mounting Brackets and Fitting Bar Included
  • Not Compatible With Gates Less Than 30" Wide
  • Specifications:

  • Gate Weight: 75-175 lbs.
  • Gate Width: 40" - 64"
  • Max Opening Angle: 100 degrees
  • Closing/Latching: Hydraulic/Nitrogen Gas
  • Hinge Arrangements: In-line or Offset
  • Opening Pressure: Approx. 6-12 lbs.
  • Min. Operating Temperature: 15 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Max. Operating Temperature: 122 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Type of Gate Material: Vinyl, Steel, Wood, Chain Link (Mounts on Chain Link with TB-LINX )
  • *Operation of the closer in temperatures below or above the minimum and maximum operating temperatures may result in improper operation or complete failure of the closer.*

    Manufacturer Lockey